nPod Application

We are accepting applications from students who want to be active, involved participants in the pre-nursing living-learning community. Participation gives you an edge in the classroom and in your nursing career. It's a great way to find people you can relate to from the moment you arrive on campus. Applicants must be first-year, pre-nursing students.

All fields in bold are required.

Applicants should answer the following questions prior to the April 30 application deadline.
Student Name
Current Address
Cell Phone
(Home phone if no cell phone)
* What activities do you plan to participate in at Grand View?
(examples: athletics, music, theatre)
* What activities, involvement or coursework has inspired you to pick nursing as a major?
* What are the unique characteristics that you could bring to the nPod community?
* How do you see nPod supporting your commitment to becoming a nurse and joining the nursing profession?